Maarten van den Berg

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I love product design because I enjoy creating beautiful and useful products as well as improving the world. Especially circular economy allows me to radically rethink every product and see opportunities to face the challenges of tomorrow such as growing waste streams and increasing resource scarcity.

I’ve worked on a diverse range of projects from the fuzzy front-end to embodiment, from very abstract to very hands-on. I love creating things in all ways of doing so, be it sketching, CAD, rendering, prototyping, photography, videos or webdesign. I can appreciate good designed products, from the shape to how it's made on the inside and how it answers the business and users needs.


Philips Lighting

11/2013 - 7/2014

Master’s graduation project

At Philips I developed design guidelines and tools for a circular economy. As a case study I applied those to in a luminaire for the Philips Lighting B2B portfolio. I focused on the inner two circles of the Circular Economy framework where the highest value is retained. In this project I got a thorough understanding of the circular economy framework and the opportunities and limitations for businesses.


03/2013 - 07/2013


VanBerlo is one of Europe’s leading agencies in the area of strategy, design and implementation. I did a wide range of activities, mainly consisting of CAD work, prototyping (3d printing, foam modeling, woodworking), photography and sketching. I learned how to make full size representative foam models based on CAD models which resulted in two 1:1 foam models used for client meetings.

Maars Partitioning Systems B.V.

09/2012 - 02/2013

Joint Master Project

Maars is the world market leader in partitioning walls. For the Joint Master Project with a team of six people we developed an innovative partitioning solution for flex working offices. In this project I did several interviews with architects to understand the market and worked on concept development, visualisation, embodiment and prototyping.


03/2012 - 06/2013

Advanced Embodiment Design

The European Space Agency is working on an exoskeleton robotic arm with haptic feedback. To bring this product a step closer to a final product, with a team of six people, we were in charge of designing a cover for the X-Arm II. In the concept phase we identified the main challenges and developed three concepts for the casing. In the next phase I was responsible for the embodiment of the casing surrounding the forearm and for exploring and testing 3d print possibilities.


09/2011 - 02/2012

Advanced Concept Design

ABB offers a total solution of fast chargers for electric vehicles. For exploring the main target of lease drivers I developed a new service/product concept for highway and en-route chargers. The concept puts the focus on the user by improving the user experience by easier discoverability, improved feedback by sound and light, a roof for a dry spot and lighting in the dark and a personalised interface. I made a 1:1 model from cardboard to test visibility on the street and experience of standing next to it.

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Delft University of Technology

Several activities

Faculty student council

09/2011 - 08/2012

Representing the students of the faculty and communicate their wishes to the faculty management.

Studievereniging i.d

09/2010 - 06/2011

Chairman Actid (activity comittee), organizing activities such as guest lectures from companies, a packaging symposium and company visits.

Studievereniging i.d

09/2009 - 06/2010

Photography Comittee, photographing all the activities of the study association.

Owee Delft

2011 & 2012

Owee Courant photographer

The Owee is the introduction week for all new students of the Delft University of Technology. For the Owee courant, the daily published newspaper for all students, I photographed all events on several locations during the day and night. During the night I selected and edited photos to finish a new edition with the team of 5 other students to meet the deadline of the publisher.

Albert Heijn

2006 - 2015

Vakkenvuller & caissière


Delft University of Technology

09/2011 - 07/2014

Master of Science (MSc) , Integrated Product Design

Sustainability electives:
Strategic & Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design Strategies for Product Development
Product Service Systems
Energy society and sustainability

Delft University of Technology

2007 - 2011

Bachelor of Science (BSc) , Industrial Design Engineering

Atheneum College Hageveld

2001 - 2007

Atheneum (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Dutch, English)

Speaking & writing

Talk at Dutch Design Week. Designing for a circular world, organised by Circle Economy. 2014
Guestblog for Circle Economy, 2014
Talk at Dutch Design Week. Paper on circular product design for PLATE conference, July 2015


  • Product Development: concept design, CAD (surface modeling), prototyping
  • Circular Economy & Sustainability
  • Visualization
  • Photography


Adobe Creative Suite
Corel Painter